Worship In The Arts











The purpose of the “Liturgical Dance and Banner Praise Ministry is to “let them praise His name in dance – Psalms 149:3.”  


The purpose of the “Mime Ministry,” is to glorify God and to exalt Jesus Christ by the expression and communication of an emotion, a thought, and idea or a story through body gestures and facial expression, and without any spoken word.  


The purpose of the “Stompers Ministry,” shall be to first glorify the Lord Jesus Christ according to Romans 15:6 and magnify the name of the Lord by making a joyful sound with the mouth, hands, and feet. As soldiers in the spiritual army of the Lord, to arrange battle order against the enemy and to wage war and lead an army against the foe by stomping.  


The purpose of the “Rappers for Jesus Ministry,” is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ according to Romans 15:6 and magnify the name of the Lord by making a joyful laughter with the mouth.



Our objective is to magnify the name of the Lord expressing our love, adoration and worship to Him through the ministry of dance, praise, mime, stomp, and rap.  To be prepared through the study of God’s Word, personal prayer time, bible study, workshops and special training according to 2 Timothy 2:15.  We are to spread the Gospel and Jesus Christ through the Liturgical interpretation of the word, to serve those who are gifted and called by God, and with the opportunity to minister through the arts and to dance before the Lord with all our might, bringing glory to Him – 2 Samuel 6:14.


New Way Fellowship Ministry of the Arts has ministered in dance at various churches in Miami-Dade County, Broward County and Palm Beach County.  The ministry has ministered out of the country in Jamaica, Canada, Africa, and Germany while attending missionary trips as well as participating at many conferences (Cece Winans – Sister to Sister , The Gospel Heritage Conference, etc.) and others around the United States, (Washington, Tennessee, North Carolina, Atlanta, etc).   


We participated and were selected as the top ministry to represent  Chenaniah Praise Dance Ministry and the Dade-Count, Broward County and West Palm Beach communities at the Gospel Heritage Conference.   


New Way Fellowship Ministry of the Arts was recently honored as one of the ministries of the year for 2009 at the Chenaniah’s Dancing With Authority Awards Conference.


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